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Ecommerce Retail Responsiveness During the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday roughly two weeks away, most online retailers and Ecommerce marketers are in the thick of their annual holiday preparations and promotions. Everything becomes busier and more hectic for retailers during the holidays, and that includes customer service inquiries and interactions. For online retailers, a large chunk of these customer … Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Launching an Instagram Contest

Instagram Contest Guide

Looking for a better way to get your follower base fired up? Instagram contests are a great way for brands to generate some instant buzz, brand visibility and increase customer engagement. When done right, these contests can give your brand an instant viral boost and also help you build some pretty decent user generated content. … Read more

A Simple Social Media Plan for Startups

You wouldn’t think of launching your startup without an accompanying social media presence, but for most small teams or solopreneurs, the demands of bringing a new product or service to market don’t leave many hours in the day for Facebook posts (or, for that matter, sleep). And unless you’re developing a cloning device, bringing on … Read more

Focus On These 3 Areas for Online Success in 2015

There are a lot of moving parts to a successful digital marketing campaign. Each part can more or less fall under one of three categories of media – paid, earned, and owned. Paid media is basically any type of paid online advertising: display and text ads, retargeting, social media ads, etc. Earned media includes stuff like social media … Read more

2014 Online Marketing Year in Review

When you work in the online realm on a daily basis, it can be easy to forget just how quickly things can change. Companies, websites, programs, software and search engines spring up, die off, and evolve at a pace that keeps everyone on their toes. It’s what makes our profession extremely challenging, exciting, and rewarding. … Read more

My Online Marketing Dream Team

If you work in digital marketing, then you’re life basically revolves around numbers and statistics. Well, here’s a number for you: 43.8. What’s the significance of that number you might be asking? That’s the average margin of victory in the eight Olympic games won by the 1992 USA Dream Team. In the opening game of the … Read more

Specialization or Jack of All Trades: Which is More Valuable in Digital Marketing?

A few weeks ago, my dishwasher decided to mysteriously stop working. Instead of cleaning my dishes, it spewed hot water and soap suds from the bottom and sides every time I tried turning it on. So I called Ron, a handy man I’ve known for awhile to come take a look at it. Anytime I … Read more