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4 Strategies to Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate This Holiday Season

With the holiday season quickly approaching, online retailers are gearing up for massive online traffic to their sites. However, while this may sound pleasing to the ears, it isn’t something you should celebrate just yet. Here’s why. Cart abandonment bottlenecks are common during the holiday season. Shoppers fill up their carts with different items and … Read more

How to Create the Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for Your WooCommerce Store

Christmas gifts

Holiday gift guides can be one of the best revenue drivers during the gift-giving season. They give you a chance to showcase and promote your best products at a time when people everywhere are looking for the perfect gift. But how to build the best guide for your ecommerce site?  Remember that the holiday season … Read more

How to Keep Your WooCommerce Site Safe & Secure

The following is a guest post by Caroline Black of SecureThoughts.com There are lots of issues to focus on when you’re opening up an online shop, from design to marketing to pricing. However, you can’t allow your security to lapse. If you had a brick-and-mortar shop, you wouldn’t leave the door unlocked, no matter how … Read more

A Simple Social Media Plan for Startups

You wouldn’t think of launching your startup without an accompanying social media presence, but for most small teams or solopreneurs, the demands of bringing a new product or service to market don’t leave many hours in the day for Facebook posts (or, for that matter, sleep). And unless you’re developing a cloning device, bringing on … Read more