Ecommerce Retail Responsiveness During the Holidays [INFOGRAPHIC]

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday roughly two weeks away, most online retailers and Ecommerce marketers are in the thick of their annual holiday preparations and promotions. Everything becomes busier and more hectic for retailers during the holidays, and that includes customer service inquiries and interactions. For online retailers, a large chunk of these customer interactions will take place on social media.

According to the Q4 2015 Sprout Social Index, the average Ecommerce retailer can expect to receive around 1,500 messages via social media this holiday season. On the surface, this surge of direct inbound message from current or potential customers during the holidays would lead you to think that online retailers are accounting for this through strategy, additional support, etc. The reality, however, is that only 1 our of 6 social messages sent directly to a retailer gets a prompt response, with the average response time for most social media inquiries clocking in at 12 hours.

The infographic below provided by our friends at Sprout Social highlights the glaring issues with online retail responsiveness during the holidays, and Ecommerce shops can take advantage of this trend by being proactive and readily available when it comes to customer engagement via social media.

Q4 2015 social media index

Do you have a social media customer engagement plan in place to account for the influx of inquiries during the holiday season? If so, what’s your strategy? Share your plans, ideas, and experiences with customer interactions during holidays in the comments below.

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