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What Your Website is Telling Visitors About Your Brand

Originally Published on Business2Community Branding can be a tough thing to define. Is it your logo? Your tagline? Is the products your sell or the services you offer? Or is it the way you present all of those things to your target audience? According to BusinessDictionary.com, branding is defined as: The process involved in creating … Read more

10 Marketing Blogs Every Startup Should Be Following

Without a doubt, the founders and staff of startup companies face some of the biggest challenges to running a successful business. From long hours to high risk investments, the path to prosperity is paved with more than a few hurdles every entrepreneur should be prepared to handle. Luckily, success in the startup world is never … Read more

E-Commerce Marketing, Design, and Development Round-Up: 5/25 to 5/29

The Northern Hemisphere is about to round the corner into summer, and the weather is definitely starting to heat up here in Japan. For beachwear retailers, this is the best time of the year. If you sell parkas and beanies, not so much. Either way, if you sell stuff online, then our weekly round-up posts … Read more

E-Commerce Marketing, Design, and Development Round-Up: 5/18 to 5/22

This week we had some big news going down in the E-commerce space. Now, I won’t spoil it for you, but it involves two MAJOR players in the areas of online retail and open source CMS. This one is a must-read for folks who power their E-commerce shops using WordPress, WooThemes, or any combination of … Read more

E-Commerce Marketing, Design, and Development Round-Up: 5/11 to 5/15

Welcome to our weekly round-up of E-commerce marketing, web design, and development goodness from around the web! This week we’re featuring articles from 3 of the biggest names in E-commerce: Shopify, WooThemes, and BigCommerce. We’ve also included the low-down on Facebook’s newest feature for brand’s publishing content – Instant Articles. If you like what you … Read more

Weekly Digital Marketing, Design & E-commerce Round-Up: 4/20 to 4/24

We’ve gotten some really great feedback so far on our Weekly Round-Up posts from digital marketers, E-commerce store owners, and others who’ve found them useful. Thanks! Also, if you have a kick-ass piece of content in the works that you think should be featured, please drop me a line (zac@madebytribe.co). I’d be happy to include … Read more

Weekly Digital Marketing & Design Round-Up: 3/23 to 3/27

This week we dug up some gems from the digital marketing, design, and ecommerce realm. Peep the links below for some mad knowledge droppin’ and check back on our blog for more awesome content! 5 Techniques to Ensure Your Content is User Focused By Daniel Bianchini – Are you pumping out tons and tons of … Read more

Can Digital Marketing Be Both Effective and Scalable?

Spoiler alert: the answer is “Yes!” But, it takes careful planning and execution in order to make it happen. It also requires us to rethink how we define both “effective” and “scalable” against the backdrop of an ever-changing digital marketing landscape. What Effective, Scalable Digital Marketing Used to Look Like Way back in the “olden days” … Read more

8 Online Marketing Tools Startups Need to Be Using

You’ve probably heard that things change quickly on internet. You know where else things change quickly? The business world. Now, if you’re a business operating primarily online – look out! Stuff is changing at Mach 10. Oh, you’re a startup online business?! Well, it’s kind of like this for you then: If you’re a stressed out, … Read more