10 Marketing Blogs Every Startup Should Be Following

Without a doubt, the founders and staff of startup companies face some of the biggest challenges to running a successful business. From long hours to high risk investments, the path to prosperity is paved with more than a few hurdles every entrepreneur should be prepared to handle.

Luckily, success in the startup world is never a secret – and there’s tons of great messengers out there just raring to share the latest news, techniques, and tricks to enhance your chances of having the same. Why reinvent the wheel, when you can find tried, true, and tested approaches that fit your marketing goals?

Here’s a look at 10 of our favorite startup marketing blogs to help you expand and improve your audience connections.

1. GrowthHackers

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for sifting through the huge variety of trending articles on start-up marketing, look no further than GrowthHackers. And it’s not just articles – GrowthHackers provides up-to-date listings of the most popular discussions and videos, and even provides its own high-quality content through its “Growth Studies” of successful businesses. The best thing? A  summary option that gives you the lowdown on any content before you commit to reading it.

2. Startup MarketingmB_306Vn

Ryan Gum’s blog for startup marketers is a great first step for anyone stepping into the game. With ease and dexterity, Ryan takes what can sometimes be a complex set of strategies and techniques and distills it all down into weekly articles that anyone can learn from. Even his resource database, composed of a variety of links to other sites and bloggers, comes equipped with a how-to guide that makes sifting through so much advice – so much easier.

3. Onboardly

Though primarily a fee-based consultancy, Onboardly provides some incredible resources in their field of expertise: demand marketing. With their free introductory guide, entrepreneurs can learn how to take their brands to the next level by becoming better spokespersons for their own demographic and industry. What better way to show you’ve got the best game in town – than by being the referee?

4. HubSpot BlogsHubspot-Logo-3

HubSpot is a massive resource not just for marketing approaches, but also web design, sales, and a host of other categories. That said, their offerings for marketers are more than enough to satisfy. Check out their Marketing Library for comprehensive guides and even templates for fast-tracking new marketing strategies.

5. Convince and Convert

Namedconvinceconvert-logo the #1 content marketing blog by the Content Marketing Institute, Convince and Convert offers big support to the start-up community. Their offerings run the gamet from podcasts to ebooks to print publications, giving them a clear corner on having one of the most diverse media marketing site around.

6. Content Marketing InstituteCMI_Final-2

Speaking of which, Content Marketing Institute itself offers an even bigger treasure trove of advice. In addition to their blog, podcasts, independent research, and white paper and ebook libraries, they public the bi-monthly industry magazine Chief Content Officer. CCO is the first and top globally-distributed magazine solely devoted to content marketing, and their highlights of the best successes of the industry are definitely worth catching up on.

7. Buffer

bufferBuffer is more than just another content marketing blog – they’re a crucial tool for self-development and personal growth. Buffer bloggers and articles carry that character of self-improvement and optimal efficiency in all of their coverage of new content marketing strategies, making their work uniquely supportive in the startup world.

8. Digiday

Digiday-Logo-lo-resIf you’re looking to combine your research with a fair bit of entertainment, look no further than Digiday. Digiday chronicles the best approaches to content marketing in a novel and addictive way – by showcasing some of the pitfalls faced – and suffered – by some of the best brands on the market. It’s great to learn from other’s mistakes, but by injecting a bit of humor into the mix, Digiday can help take away some of the fear and worry of failure we all face in our work.

9. Moz


Moz is one of the few sites out there with a tiered approach to content marketing blogging. Readers can select from a number of options, including articles written from the perspective of industry leaders – and articles written from various up-and-comers in the field. By embracing both the top-down and bottom-up approaches, Moz gives readers an opportunity to learn both sides of the playing field – and that’s one heckuva competitive edge.

10. Social Triggers

social triggersCritically-acclaimed writer and coach Derek Halpern takes what must be the most innovative approach to content marketing out there today. In his blog and other works, he takes combines marketing with self-promotion, showing his readership a clear path to applying successful techniques in your business life – to the rest of your life. Sometimes aggressive, sometimes controversial, Derek continues to provide an excellent psychological context to why marketing your business – and your self – in one form may bring success, and another, outright failure.

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