Weekly Digital Marketing, Design & E-commerce Round-Up: 4/20 to 4/24

We’ve gotten some really great feedback so far on our Weekly Round-Up posts from digital marketers, E-commerce store owners, and others who’ve found them useful. Thanks! Also, if you have a kick-ass piece of content in the works that you think should be featured, please drop me a line (zac@madebytribe.co). I’d be happy to include anything that would be helpful to those looking for digital marketing, design, and E-commerce guidance.

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And now…our favorite content from this past week – enjoy!

The Nifty Guide to Local Content Strategy

By Mike Ramsey – Mike created a highly-detailed outline for local marketers looking to improve their approach to content creation and promotion. In the post, Mike talks about specific steps marketers can take to increase the visibility of their content locally, what tools they can use to do so, talks about how cheap he is, and also gives a shout out to his adorable grandma. ALL WINS!

Content Shock, Saturation, and Niche Research

By Jeff Hora – As I read through this post by Jeff, I found myself yelling, “Yes. Yes! YES!!” It got a little weird, and I’m sure my neighbors weren’t too stoked. I was just so excited to read what most of us already know – “It’s [content] not a differentiator, it’s a given.” Jeff goes on to keep it even more real in his post and shows how we can find out whether a particular niche is saturated or not – and what to do if it is. Preach on, Jeff.

Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for the Mobile Apocalypse?

By Zac Heisey – Leading up to Google’s April 21st “get your website mobile-friendly or else!” deadline, there was a LOT of content being produced around the topic. Twitter was also buzzing with #Mobilegeddon comments and updates this week. While I’m not always happy about the way the mighty Google wields it’s influence, I do think pushing site owners to optimize for mobile users is a step in the right direction. It rewards those who have already been providing a great mobile experience for their visitors, and sets a standard of UX-first design. In our post this week, we discussed 3 simple steps site owners can take to ensure they’re in line with Google’s mobile guidelines.

Mobile Penalty

Acquisition vs. Retention: Should Your Ecommerce Business Play Offense of Defense?

By Richard Lazazzera – Over on the Shopify blog, Richard wrote a great post about whether E-commerce businesses should focus their efforts on acquiring new customers, or retaining the ones they already have. As with most thing in the life, the answer is finding a balance. Richard does a great job of helping readers determine which one they should focus on more based on what stage their store is in. Definitely a must-read for those new to E-commerce.

BONUS: How to Use Haro to Earn Valuable Link Metions

By Jared Carrizales – While we usually include links to articles that have been published in the last week, the good folks at Heroic Search sent us something that we thought could be useful to readers, regardless of when it was published. Jared Carrizales walks us through HARO (Help a Report Out), and how marketers can leverage it to earn mentions, increase traffic, and get some valuable backlinks. Jared is also a 49ers fan, so he gets double kudos from us!

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