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4 Creative Ways to Incentivize Your Online Customers

Hand writing Smiley on the Customer - Customer Retention

Sometimes, the problem isn’t getting people to your website – it’s getting them to actually buy something from you. There are tons of reasons why someone might leave your website before making a purchase, but that’s not our focus in this post. Instead, we want to look at some specific ways that you can creatively … Read more

The Online Buyer’s Journey [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today, the journey a shopper takes on their way to making an online purchase is far from linear. So many variables exist that it’s nearly impossible to pin down a specific route a user takes from click to conversion. Fortunately, folks in the E-commerce marketing space have mountains of data at their disposal that gives … Read more

3 Days that Can Make or Break Your Online Sales Revenue

It all comes down to this – a month and a half to add to an already successful year in ecommerce revenue, or just enough time to bring your online retail business into the black before 2015. Either way, Q4 of 2014 presents huge opportunities for ecommerce businesses to affect their bottom line in a big … Read more