Ecommerce Marketing and Growth Strategy Round-Up: 11/2 to 11/6

With Halloween behind us and Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time for Ecommerce shops to hunker down and get prepared for the onslaught that is Black Friday/Cyber Monday. To help you get ready, we’re featuring content from ConversionXL, Sell with WP, and WooThemes. We’ve also included a recent infographic that we published last week outlining 10 WooCommerce plugins you should definitely be using.

Speaking of WooCommerce, we’re proud to announce that we’ve been accepted into the new WooExpert program. Let us know if you have any WooCommerce questions, problems, or projects that we can help out with!

Let’s jump right in!

How to Minimize A/B Test Validity Threats

By Shanelle Mullin – A/B testing is something that’s talked about by nearly every marketing professional, but implemented correctly by only a select few. The reason for this is because there are many factors at play when conducting an A/B test for marketing purposes, any of which can incorrectly skew your data and lead down the wrong path. Luckily, we have Shanelle Mullin’s article on ConversionXL to help us out.

In her article, Shanelle provides us with 8 examples of common “validity threats” – that is, problems that threaten the validity of your A/B testing data, making it extremely difficult to draw accurate conclusions and make smart marketing decisions. Here’s a quick recap of those 8 validity threats. Check out the full article to learn more about each threat, and how you can protect your next A/B test against them.

  1. Revenue Tracking
  2. Flickers Effect
  3. Browser/Device Compability
  4. Sample Size
  5. Selection Bias
  6. Days of the Week & Time of Day
  7. Season, Setting, and Weather
  8. Competitive & Internal Campaigns

4 Tips to Get More Product Reviews in Your Store

By Beka Rice – Product reviews are a huge factor when it comes to Ecommerce marketing success, and ultimately driving more sales online. But how to do you go about getting customers to review your products? According to Beka Rice’s latest article, you should start by simply asking for them! Getting customers to share their thoughts isn’t as hard as we make it out to be, especially if they had a memorable experience with your product (either good or bad).

Rice also suggests incentivizing customers to leave reviews by offering discounts, coupons, or special product offers. Another idea is giving reviewers exclusive access to upcoming products in exchange for their feedback, which helps to build brand loyalty and encourages customers to promote your products to others. This sounds like wins all around if you’re an Ecommerce retailer!

4 Ways to Identify and Encourage Rituals in Your Customer’s Journey

By Marina Pape – Humans tend to be creatures of habit, even when we’re doing something as advanced and dynamic as buying a product online. One way that Ecommerce retailers can take their performance to the next level is by tapping into that tendency and taking advantage of the various rituals that their customers engage in. Pape’s post on WooThemes examines four specific ways to identify or create customer journey rituals, and why it’s worth your time to do so. Here’s a quick preview:

  1. Anticipate your customers thought process, then surprise them.
  2. Transform mundane parts of the customer journey into pleasant experiences.
  3. Create ways for your customers to identify as part of your tribe.
  4. Mirror existing rituals for your customers.

10 WooCommerce Plugins & Extensions You Should be Using

By Zac Heisey – One of the coolest things about WooCommerce is the ability to extend its functionality through the plethora of existing plugins and extensions. But with some many out there, which ones should you be using, and which can you ignore? To help answer that question, we’ve outlined 10 of our personal favorites that we believe will help improve your Ecommerce marketing, online sales, or customer satisfaction efforts.

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