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“Don’t Be a D*$k” and 4 Other Rules for Being a Good Distributed Team Member

distributed team

When most people consider the switch from working in an office to working remotely, they only focus on the benefits of remote work. Fewer distractions and interruptions. No boss checking in on you or lurking over your shoulder. Checking email in your underwear. Once they’ve made the switch and started working remotely, however, they soon realize … Read more

7 Things I’ve Learned from Working Remotely

Prior to co-founding Tribe Interactive, I had been working on and off as a freelancer since 2011. During that span of time, I worked in everything from online marketing, to copywriting, to web development. Along with working in multiple roles, I was also fortunate enough to work in a multitude of different settings and locations. A … Read more

Our 3 Biggest Problems Working as a Distributed Team (and How We Try to Solve Them)

Since Day 1, our company has operated as a distributed team. When Mike and I first launched Tribe Interactive, building our company as a distributed team wasn’t really a conscious business decisions so much as it was out of necessity. At the time, Mike was living in the Bay Area and I was down in San Diego. … Read more