Weekly Digital Marketing & Design Round-Up: 3/16 to 3/20

This is our first installment of a weekly round-up that includes awesome digital marketing and design content from around the web. Our hope is that these posts will serve as useful resources for people looking for some exceptional content in a sea of blog posts, podcasts, and infographics.

So let’s get to it! Here are our selected links for this week’s digital marketing & design round-up. Enjoy!

3 Signs Your SEO Campaign is Dying – and How to Fix It

By Jason Demers – Have you lost rankings, traffic, or even…gasp – both?! Jason DeMers points out 3 major warning signs that your SEO campaign may be DOA, and how you can turn things around.

How to Create Customer Personas with Actual, Real Life Data

By Jennifer Havice – How to do sell stuff to your customers when you know nothing about them? You don’t – you just sit around and cry, wondering why people don’t buy from you. Luckily, Jennifer Havice wrote an extensive post on how to create buyer personas using real data – not just theoretical information. Create buyer personas. Market to them. Make money. Easy!

customer persona

What I Learned About Content Marketing by Analyzing 614 Posts

By Neil Patel – Every time Neil learns something new, everyone in the marketing world learns it as well because he is so open with readers. Here, Neil reveals some really useful insights by analyzing roughly 8 years work of blog posts Quick Sprout. Neil talks about the types of content he’s had the most success with, the best times to post it, and much more.

Headline Writing and Title SEO in a Clickbait World – Whiteboard Friday

By Rand Fishkin – Here at Tribe, we love Rand. We love Moz. And we especially love Whiteboard Friday. In this week’s WBF, Rand dishes on how we can write headline that achieve rankings, intrigue people to click, and match user intent.

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