Weekly Digital Marketing, Design & Ecommerce Round-Up: 4/6 to 4/10

Last week we took a break from the weekly round-up as I traveled to the other side of the world and got settled into my new life here in Japan. I’m still shaking off some jet lag, or that could just be the Asahi’s from the other night. Maybe both. Anyway, here are the best digital marketing, design, and ecommerce blog posts we came across this past week.

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7 Things I’ve Learned from Working Remotely

By Zac Heisey – Making the move to Japan led me to really examine what it meant to work remotely, and do it right. I’ve developed some invaluable skills from working outside of office with minimal oversight, and I’ve learned a TON about myself, my working habits, what motivates me, and how actually doing work is very different from simply being at work.


Search Engines Make Us Think We’re Smart

By Laurie Sullivan – Everything seems to be outsourced these days, but our our knowledge?! Welp, according to research conducted by Yale University, it appears that the “Internet may cause a systematic failure to recognize the extent to which we rely on outsourced knowledge.” Basically, having instant access to information that we don’t already know has caused us to confuse the source of answers we find online. Search engines have made us believe that the answer to a given question was stored in our own mind instead of on the Internet. Mind. BLOWN.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Blog Post

By Kevan Lee – Buffer rocks. As an app, as a company, and as a great resource for interesting, useful content. If you don’t know about Buffer, you best start researchin’ son. Anyway, Kevan Lee wrote up a great post this week outlining the anatomy of the elusive perfect blog post. Everything from developing headlines to writing a good hook to image best-practices is covered. I bookmarked this one for later reference, and recommend you do the same.

How to Engage and Persuade People Through Storytelling

By Neil Patel – My boy Neil’s done it again, this time by detailing how people’s brains are hardwired to respond to stories. As any marketer worth their salt knows, good stories create great user experiences. In his infographic, Neil breaks down how storytelling actually effects the listeners brain by citing experiments and case studies. One of the more telling parts of the infographic is at the very end, which tells how overused buzzwords don’t work – marketers, pay attention!


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