Weekly Digital Marketing, Design & E-commerce Round-Up: 4/27 to 5/1

Can you believe it’s already May!? Spring is definitely in the air, and we’re starting to see the change of the seasons being reflected in marketing campaigns, social media, and content creation. Here are our top picks for content from this week related to web design, digital marketing, and E-commerce.

3 Strategies to Developing Buyer Personas

By Jayme Alfano – The most successful E-commerce shops are the ones who utilize customer data to drive their business decisions. But what’s the best way of gathering that data and putting it to work for you? Buyer personas, my friend. As Jayme explains in her post, “buyer personas help you tailor your marketing efforts towards your customers and prospects better by focusing on their specific behaviors, concerns and needs.” Jayme’s post walks you through creating buyer persona’s for your business – from tools and templates, to internal communication with your sales team.

Conversion Rate Optimization: How to Re-target and Re-engage Lost Conversions

By Katey Ferenzi – Old or poorly-managed conversion funnels are sort of like leaky faucets: you know you’re losing water, but you’re never really aware of the total impact until your water bill arrives, and BAM! This post on the BigCommerce blog by Katey Ferenzi is geared toward helping E-commerce store owners patch up those leaky conversion funnels through timely email marketing, re-targeting advertising, and a commitment to re-engaging with non-converting site visitors.

conversion funnel lost sales

8 Instant eCommerce Techniques to Sell More Online

By Tony Messer – This guest post on Tribe’s blog by Tony Messer outlines 8 ways that E-commerce sites can boost sales numbers. Tony breaks these techniques down into 3 main categories: Prospect, Convert, and Grow. He also included some notes on the ease of implementation for each tip, which is always nice to have before you get started on something!

Blog Background 5-1

The Single Best Way to Get Traction for Your Ecommerce Startup

By Tommy Walker – In this post, Tommy keeps it real for those E-commerce startups who think a few social posts, creating a blog, and doing some on-page SEO are going to somehow open the flood gates of online sales. Sorry folks – not gonna happen. The best way for new E-commerce shops to get traction, according to Tommy, is to “Do things that actively put you in front of people so that you know without a shadow of doubt they’re seeing your message. Do this until it’s near impossible to manage on your own. That is what you need for traction.” So stop reading this, and get to work!

startup traction

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