Klaviyo Toolkit Plugin

Enhance your WooCommerce & Klaviyo integration with custom events for WC Subscriptions, Page Tracking and more.
Bills on a yearly recurring basis

About the Klaviyo Toolkit Plugin

For WooCommerce stores looking to create unique email flows within Klaviyo and maximize revenue potential. This simple plugin will allow you to track additional metrics from your WooCommerce store to Klaviyo. Using these new metrics you can create new flows and segments when certain actions happen on your site.


Automatically generate single-use coupons for Klaviyo (New!)

Klaviyo Toolkit will automatically generate coupons in WooCommerce when shoppers enter checkout and automatically adds the coupon to the shoppers profile in Klaviyo. You can then populate your abandonment flow emails with these dynamically generated coupon codes.

Coupon options include:

  • Coupon amount
  • Coupon expiration
  • Coupon prefix
  • Individual use
  • Allow free shipping

Send advanced new metrics events to Klaviyo

Klaviyo Toolkit will pass the following new metrics to Klaviyo:

WordPress metrics events

  • Viewed Page – Track when someone views a specific page on your site.
  • Viewed Product Category – Track when someone views a product category.
  • Viewed Post – Track when someone views a post.
  • Searched Site – Track when someone searches your site.

WooCommerce Subscriptions metrics events

For the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension, Klaviyo Toolkit will also send the following new metrics:

  • WC Subscription Created – Track when someone starts a WooCommerce Subscription.
  • WC Subscription Renewed – Track when a WooCommerce Subscription is renewed.
  • WC Subscription Status Changed – Track when a WooCommerce Subscription is cancelled,  paused or expired.

The Klaviyo Toolkit plugin’s subscription metrics also have support for the “All Products for WooCommerce Subscriptions” and “Gifting for WooCommerce Subscriptions” extensions.

Additional Features

  • Add images to RSS Feeds – Enables images in your WordPress RSS feeds so you can auto-populate your latest blog posts within your emails.
  • Move email address to the top of the checkout – Moves the email address field to the top of your checkout page so you can capture emails and trigger your abandoned cart flows sooner.



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Bills on a yearly recurring basis
Current Version: 1.6
Minimum Requirements
PHP Version: 7.4 or higher
WordPress Version: 5.0 or higher
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