Ecommerce Marketing and Growth Strategy Round-Up: 10/19 to 10/23

Our Ecommerce Marketing and Growth Strategy Round-Up this week features content from Business 2 Community, Econsultancy, Practical Ecommerce, and BrainSINS. Definitely some thoughtful, helpful articles to finish off your week!

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The 4 Corners of Starting an Ecommerce Website

By Reginald Chan – Our first article comes to us by way of, where Reginald Chan provides up and coming Ecommerce entrepreneurs the low-down on establishing a sturdy foundation for a thriving Ecommerce business. Chan’s four corners focus on building market knowledge, having sufficient funds to get your Ecommerce business off the ground, building your Ecommerce site on the right platform for your business, and social media marketing tips to help you get the word out about your new Ecommerce shop.

There are some solid examples and resource references throughout the article. If you’re new to the world of Ecommerce and looking to get your own online store up and running, this article is worth a read.

What Facebook’s Major Search Update Means for Marketers

By Patricio Robles – Robles’ article on Econsultancy this week discussed Facebook’s latest challenge to Google’s search dominance with the launch of Search FYI. With Search FYI, the Facebook search function now returns results that include posts for ALL of Facebook. That’s more than 2 trillion (with a ‘T’) posts and counting.

As Robles notes, this power move by Facebook makes the social media giant even harder to ignore (as if you could have ignored them before). “Facebook’s 1.5bn searches per day are still less than half of the searches estimated to take place on Google daily, but it’s still a sizable figure and with Facebook changing the nature of its search, marketers ignore or give short shrift to Facebook at their own peril going forward.”

Check out the video below, which was included in a news update this week from Facebook’s VP of Search, Tom Stocky:

Promo Code: Discounts vs. Benefits, for Ecommerce

By Abhi JadhavBay Leaf Digital founder Abhi Jadhav authored a data-rich post this week on that spoke about the specifics behind creating an effective promo code for your Ecommerce store. Some key takeaways from Jadhav’s article include:

  • A good promo code is:
    • Easy to remember.
    • Easy to calculate.
    • Easy to apply.
  • Your promo codes and discount offers should be designed to help you meet a specific goal:
    • Achieve a certain profit target.
    • Earn new customers.
    • Move surplus inventory.
  • How to properly calculate your promo code so that you get the most out of your offer.

Shopify or WooCommerce: Which is Better for Your Online Shop?

By Lucy Barret – As an agency dedicated to helping Ecommerce professionals build and market their online shops, we get this questions all the time. Now when a client asks us, we’ll be able to point them to Barret’s well-written piece on which Ecommerce platform is right for them. Barret does an awesome job of breaking down both Shopify and WooCommerce, laying out specific pros and cons of each, and highlighting which situations would be best for Shopify, and which are a better fit for WooCommerce. Overall, a great overview of two of the leading Ecommerce solutions available today.

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