15 Spooky and Creative Halloween Marketing Campaigns for Inspiration

The spookiest time of the year is a few days away. For many, this means the start of the Holiday season. Even though more profitable dates, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday are coming up, Halloween is an opportunity to position your brand and target the early-bird shoppers.

During this time, you might be facing the challenge of developing fun, engaging and, successful ad campaigns. It’s not always easy to achieve this so, we’ve collected some of the most spooky and creative Halloween advertising campaigns for inspiration. From Facebook Ads to experiential marketing, you’ll see that all the strategies are valid when it comes to captivate and entertain your customers.

1. Lyft x Stranger Things: Strange Mode

2. Tesco: Spookermarket

3. Svedka Vodka: Banner Ad Curse

4. M&M’s: Ghosted

5. Burger King: #ScaryClownNight


6. Fanta: Taking Over Halloween

7. Lush: #LushHalloween

8. Skoda: Awaken Your Inner Child


9. McDonald’s: Trick o Cheese

10. Snickers: Horseless Headsman

11. Mars Candy: ‘Bite Size Horror’ Films

12. LG: So Real It’s Scary

13. Jägermeister: “Divine the Darke” 

14. Starbucks: #ZombieFrappuccino

15. WD40: Creaky Door App

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