The Top Startup Incubators & Accelerators in Each State [INFOGRAPHIC]

Trying to get your startup funded so you can bring your amazing new idea to the world? Yea, so is every other entrepreneur with a halfway decent business plan. While going it alone and bootstrapping every aspect of your startup might seem like a romantic success story, the fact is that 90% of startups fail.

In order to avoid this, it can be worthwhile to find some help along the way – whether in the form of funding, guidance, or other resources. This is where incubators and accelerators come into play. Below we’ve created an infographic outlining some of the best startup incubators and accelerators from each state. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it gives you a starting point for finding help growing your startup, regardless of which state you’re operating in.

Top Startup Incubators & Accelerators in Each State

The Top Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Each State

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State-by-State breakdown

Alabama (Birmingham)

    • Innovation Depot
    • Winner of the National Business Incubator Association’s Tech Incubator of the year for 2011, ID operates with the full financial support of both international business leaders and city government.
    • 100+ startups funded

Alaska (Hyder)

    • Alaska Venture Partners
    • Offer a proprietary “start-up toolbox” of tried and tested documents, systems, and practices, is designed to meet the needs of a start-up business.
    • Serve early-stage startups as well as merger/acquisition support.

Arizona (Surprise)

    • AZ TechCelerator
    • The AZ TechCelerator is a business incubator with a focus on new innovation, technology and entrepreneurship.
    • Affordable space, tools & resources for startups.

Arkansas (Fayetteville)

    • GENESIS Technology Incubator
    • GENESIS is a technology-oriented business incubator located at the Arkansas Research and Technology Park, offering a variety of services to entrepreneurs.
    • Strong focus on emerging technologies.

California (Mountain View)

    • Y Combinator
    • One of the best incubators in the world, YC has top investors all over the world fighting to invest in its companies.
    • 150+ Startups funded and $45.2 million funding provided

Colorado (Boulder)

    • Canopy BOULDER
    • This incubator gets props for being one of the few – if not the only – incubators currently catering to the marijuana industry.
    • 25+ Startups funded and $20,000 funding provided

Connecticut (New Britain)

    • Institute of Technology and Business Development
    • Central Connecticut State University’s Institue offers a host of events, mentorship, and skill-development opportunities for startups.
    • Great connector to domestic and international markets.

Delaware (Virtual/Statewide)

    • Delaware Emerging Technology Center
    • Through investment and programming, this digital center offers entrepreneurs a great leg up!
    • A uniquely all-digital resource center.

Florida (Jacksonville)

    • Beaver Street Enterprise Center
    • Diverse programming and funding opportunities are a big hallmark of this unique entrepreneurial center.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided.

Georgia (Norcross)

    • Intelligent Systems
    • This high-level incubator offers a hands-on, specialized approach to tech startups.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Hawaii (Honolulu)

    • High Technology Development Corporation
    • Hawaii’s startup center has been massively successful in generating revenue for the state through entrepreneurial development: over $80 million!
    • 150+ Startups funded and Case-By-Case funding provided

Idaho (Idaho Falls)

    • Idaho Innovation Center
    • The IIC offers a great launchpad for state-based startups. Check them out!
    • Over $31 million invested since 1997.

Illinois (Chicago)

    • TechNexus
    • TechNexus provides a unique center for entrepreneurial shared workspace and collaboration, and funding support on a case-by-case basis.
    • 200+ Startups funded and Inquiry-Based funding provided

Indiana (Fort Wayne)

    • Northeast Indiana Innovation Center
    • The Center offers its clients a great resource for capital-driven opportunities.
    • Inquiry-Based funding provided

Iowa (Ames)

    • Iowa State University Research Park
    • This Park offers a host of services, including incubation, financing, and potential employees.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Kansas (Wichita)

    • Wichita Technology Corporation
    • The Corporation offers massive financing opportunities as Kansas’ hub for entrepreneurial development and investment.
    • $25 – $200,000 funding provided

Kentucky (Varied and State-Wide)

    • Kentucky Innovation Network
    • The Network offers a number of contact agencies throughout the state – together, they’ve raised over $750 million in financing for startups.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Louisiana (New Orleans)

    • Good Work Network
    • This unique incubator relies on supporter-driven donations and fundraising drives to provide entrepreneurial support to persons of all economic backgrounds.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Maine (Orono)

    • Target Technology Incubator
    • Competitive funding opportunities offer the cream of Maine’s crop the chance to excel in their ventures.
    • 50+ Startups funded and Competitive funding provided

Maryland (Odenton)

    • Chesapeake Innovation Center
    • Corporate pitch opportunities are just one example of how this Center supports Maryland’s best.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Massachusettes (Boston)

    • TechStars
    • With additional branches in four other states (CO, NY, TX, WA), TechStars offers a bigger reach than most other firms.
    • 100+ Startups funded and $118,000 funding provided

Michigan (Detroit)

    • TechTown Detroit
    • Offering big support to both tech and local-based startup companies, TTD aims to grow the Machine City back to its former glory.
    • Case-By-Case funding provided

Minnesota (Owatonna)

    • Owatonna Business Incubator
    • Help new and existing business with everything from finding office space to business plan creation.
    • Inquiry-Based funding provided

Mississipi (Oxford, Batesville, Grenada)

    • North Mississipi Enterprise Initiative
    • With three separate locations in Northern Mississipi, the Initiative offers a host of support services, including investor networking and statewide press coordination.
    • A collaborative, joint venture between multiple agencies.

Missouri (Kansas City)

    • Think Big Partners
    • Early-stage tech-focused startups can get a lot of help here!
    • $18k-$50K funding provided

Montana (Bozeman)

    • Bozeman Technology Incubator
    • Founded by and formed specifically for technology entrepreneurs, the Incubator is the premier support services location for Montana.
    • Founded by successful entrepreneurs – and working for the success of others.

Nebraska (Lincoln)

    • Nmotion
    • 13-week startup bootcamp; focus on high-growth software and technology-based businesses in targeted industries of agriculture, education, finance/insurance, healthcare, human resources, and sports
    • $15k funding provided

Nevada (Reno)

    • CUBE at Midtown
    • Providing support for entrepreneurs and investors alike, this neat little Reno outlet serves in a big way.
    • A great space for collaboration and residency.

New Hampshire (Durham, Portsmouth, Manchester)

    • Alpha Loft
    • Offering multiple state locations, this center focuses on direct start incubation and scaling.
    • Strong collaborative venture between multiple agencies.

New Jersey (Jersey City)

    • BizDev Incubator
    • Jersey City University hosts one of several key incubators in the statewide New Jersey Business Incubation Network.
    • The New Jersey Business Incubation Network reaches every area of the state, and all its startup needs.

New Mexico (Santa Fe)

    • Santa Fe Business Incubator
    • This Incubator has successfully launched over 100 businesses. Will you be next?
    • An unexpected haven for startups.

New York (Harlem)

    • Harlem Biospace
    • Offering 26 biotech startups the chance to get going in a wet-lab environment, this incubator is unique for its services.
    • Offering the chance for new experimentation and growth in the startup world.

North Carolina (Durham)

    • The Startup Factory
    • An Intensive 12 Week Startup Accelerator is just one of the many excellent options this center provides.
    • Up to $200,000 funding provided

North Dakota (Grand Forks)

    • Center for Innovation
    • One of the first and oldest incubators in the nation, CI is still going strong after nearly 35 years of operation.
    • 40+ Startups funded and $75,000 funding provided

Ohio (Akron)

    • Akron Global Business Accelerator
    • The top incubator in Ohio offers a number of tiered and type-based programming for different businesses.
    • Inquiry-Based funding provided

Oklahoma (Tulsa)

    • The Forge
    • Surprisingly, The Forge actually offers its members a five-year liability from income tax – a great asset to beginner startups.
    • Inquiry-based funding provided

Oregon (Portland)

    • Portland Incubator Experiment
    • PIE offers a big shot for local entrepreneurs looking to crash into the limelight.
    • 50+ Startups funded and 20000 and 9 months of free rent funding provided

Pennsylvania (Philadelphia)

    • DreamIt
    • DreamIt offers a host of amazing services and financing opportunites to both startups and multinational corporations.
    • 170+ Startups funded and $300,000 funding provided

Rhode Island (Providence)

    • BetaSpring
    • Of note, BetaSpring is particularly successful in helping their startups raise follow-on funding – over $50 million total so far!
    • 75+ Startups funded and $75,000 funding provided

South Carolina (Columbia)

    • USC/Columbia Technology Incubator
    • A partnership between the University of South Carolina and the city of Columbia permits an excellent resource for Southern startups.
    • 25+ Startups funded and $25,000 funding provided

South Dakota (Sioux Falls)

    • South Dakota Technology Business Center
    • The Center provides limited funding with high-level mentorship and programming, as well as opportunities to connect with angel investors.
    • 50+ Startups funded and $5,000 funding provided

Tennessee (Chattanooga)

    • Company Lab
    • Offering multiple tiered programs of support, mentorship, and investment for startups, CO Lab is one of Tennessee’s many thriving regional startup incubators.
    • 50+ Startups funded and Case-by-case funding provided

Texas (Dallas)

    • Tech Wildcatters
    • What an exceptional facility to gain the support you need!
    • 50+ Startups funded and Inquiry-Based funding provided

Utah (Orem)

    • G2M Business Accelerator
    • Focused on Software / Hardware, Digital Media, Web-Related, or Advanced Manufacturing.
    • Up to $12,500 funding provided

Vermont (Burlington)

    • Vermont Technologies
    • Startups and members benefit from a networked infrastructure of technology business mentors, coworking spaces, corporate partners, college and university resources, economic development partners, and venture capitalists.
    • Funding Provided Is Variable

Virginia (Blacksburg)

    • VT Knowledgeworks
    • VT KnowledgeWorks encourages and enables creative entrepreneurship world-wide, through innovative curriculum, local business resource centers, and a global network of cooperating regions.
    • Funding Provided Is Variable

Washington (Seattle)

    • SURF Incubator
    • SURF supports all stages of startup entrepreneurs as well as large companies needing a Seattle satellite location.
    • Inquiry-Based Funding Provided

West Virginia (South Charleston)

    • Techconnect West Virginia
    • TechConnectWV is a statewide economic development organization dedicated to the advancement of science, technology, and the innovation economy in West Virginia, focused on four technology sectors: advanced energy, chemicals and advanced materials, biosciences, and biometrics.
    • Inquiry-Based funding provided

Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

    • gener8tor
    • gener8tor is seeking to invest in high-growth businesses, including software, IT, web, SaaS, e-commerce and hardware.
    • Up to $140,000 funding provided

Wyoming (Laramie, Casper, Sheridan)

    • Wyoming Technology Business Incubator
    • Offering three locations and statewide support, this incubator seeks – and delivers – a big impact.
    • Diverse and widespread support that is crucial to the success of entrepreneurs in Wyoming.

Did we leave out your favorite startup incubator or accelerator? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks for reading!

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