WC Subscriptions Events for Klaviyo


Integrate WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin with Klaviyo.

Looking to integrate the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin with Klaviyo? This simple plugin will send custom events to Klaviyo when a WooCommerce Subscription is purchased or cancelled. This will allow you to trigger automation flows for these events within Klaviyo as you would any other event.

It supports:
– Subscription price
– Subscription plan name
– Subscription trials
– Subscription plan id

1. Download the plugin below
2. Install it on your WordPress site
3. Set your public API key on the plugin’s settings page
4. Purchase or cancel an existing subscription.
5. You can now view new events under the “Dashboard > Activity Feed” section within Klaviyo.

Upgrade to the Klaviyo Toolkit plugin to unlock more.


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