Put a Stop to WooCommerce Subscription Cancellations

Create targeted surveys, subscription discounts and skip options to retain your WooCommerce subscribers with RetentionKit.

Reduce Subscription Churn

Increase Customer Satisfaction


Prevent Subscription Revenue Loss

Powerful features built to retain your subscribers

See why customers are cancelling with a Survey

Poll your customers before they cancel to understand why they want to leave. Use this information to improve your store and reduce churn.

Allow customers to skip their upcoming renewal

Give customers the option to skip their next subscription period and allow them to automatically resume afterwards. 

Create targeted offers to keep customers subscribed

Give customers discounts on their next subscription to keep them retained. Create different discounts per subscription product or product category.

Track retention analytics & feedback

Your analytics dashboard show you total retention and churn statistics. View statistics per survey and see a log of all survey responses.

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