Ecommerce Marketing and Growth Strategy Round-Up: 9/21 to 9/25

We’re back up in your grill with some fresh Ecommerce marketing and growth strategy content from around the web! This week we’re featuring content from the crew at WPLift, SellwithWP, and Remi Corson. We also had a nice little infographic shared with us by way of, which gives a nice high-level “state of Ecommerce” overview. All good stuff!

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Increase WooCommerce Sales by Finding Your Best Customers and Improving Churn Rate


By Oli Dale – Unless we’re talking about ice cream, churn sucks. What is churn? Simply put, churn rate is the percentage of customers who leave your business, whether those people unsubscribe, discontinue their membership, or cancel their contract with you. To help reduce churn rate and increase Ecommerce sales, Oli Dale featured an awesome plugin for WooCommerce users.

The plugin, called Woo Reports, allows WooCommerce store owners to “run reports against your customers and Analyse the list of new, active, returning, churning and inactive customers by comparing the number of orders and sales spent in current and previous yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly or daily time intervals.”

For more on Woo Reports’ features and how to use the plugin, definitely give Oli’s post a read.

Saving Lost Sales with WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro

By Beka Rice – Here’s another awesome resource for WooCommerce users to help build their Ecommerce business. This plugin, called WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro, was recently featured in a post by Beka Rice on the SellwithWP blog. Beka explains how the plugin “can help WooCommerce stores save their lost carts by emailing customers who’ve abandoned their carts to try to complete the sale.”

The pro version of the WooCommerce Abandoned Cart plugin provides a lot more options that Ecommerce marketers and store owners can use to track, contact, and incentive cart abandoners to return and complete their purchase. The pro version also includes some solid reporting on abandoned orders, recovered orders, emails sent, and product reports.

Check out Beka’s article for the full details behind WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Pro.

WooCommerce Custom Template, Tips, and Best Practices [SLIDESHARE]

By Remi Corson – Remi put together an awesome SlideShare presentation for a recent meetup in which he outlines what WooCommerce custom templates are, how to use them, and how to fix issues related to WooCommerce custom template. Below is Remi’s full presentation for your viewing pleasure:

5 Minute Guide to Ecommerce Growth [INFOGRAPHIC]

5 min guide to ecommerce growth_feat. image
By Zac Heisey – As mentioned before, this graphic was shared with us by way of It featured some pretty interesting high-level facts and stats behind the Ecommerce industry, such as:
  • 3 of the top 6 Ecommerce websites are based in China.
  • The global Ecommerce market is expected to top $2 billion by 2019.
  • While the U.S. Ecommerce market is fairly saturated, places like Myanmar, Brazil, and India represent new opportunties for Ecommerce retailers.
  • Challenges of sustained Ecommerce growth include established, big-name Ecommerce shops like Amazon and Ali Baba, a lack of data to drive accurate market evaluations, and regional economic policies that make Ecommerce growth difficult.

Definitely check out the full infographic for Ecommerce insights and information.

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