Updating your flows from Klaviyo Toolkit’s Added to Cart event to Klaviyo’s native event

ℹ️ Important: The 1.5 version includes a possible breaking change for sites using Klaviyo Toolkit’s “Added to Cart” event. Please read this before you update.

We’ve retired the “Added to Cart” event in favor of Klaviyo’s native “Added to Cart” event. From now on you’ll need to use Klaviyo’s native event to trigger your Abandoned Cart flow. To do so, please follow these steps:

  1. Clone your Abandoned Cart flow and choose Klaviyo’s native event “Added to Cart” to trigger your flow.
  2. Add an extra time delay to the original flow (ie. 15 minutes).

3. Then, add a flow filter to the original flow that says: What someone has done > has received email > where flow equals > [cloned flow name] > zero times in the last X days.

4. Now the new profiles will receive the cloned flow and will be excluded from the original flow- but current profiles in the original flow will continue through.

5. Once all of those profiles have made it through, you can set the emails to draft and turn off your original flow.  

6. Important: Do NOT update the Klaviyo Toolkit plugin until you’ve made this change in your flow.

Learn more about the capabilities of Klaviyo’s native Added to Cart event here.