Enabled “WC Subscription Status Changed” Event

⚠️ Requires the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin

Turning this event on will trigger a new “WC Subscription Status Changed” event within Klaviyo every time a WooCommerce Subscription status has been changed.

This event includes:

PlanID = The plan ID of the subscription

PlanName = The name of the subscription product

PlanStatus = The current status of the subscription (active, on-hold, pending-cancellation, cancelled, expired)

PlanValue = The total monthly amount of the subscription

ℹ️ Note: On every subscription renewal, the WooCommerce subscription plugin will set the subscription status to “on-hold” temporarily while it attempts to charge the customer. If this charge is successful, it will change the status back to “active”. If it fails, it will keep it “on-hold”. This can cause any flows that you create to trigger on the “on-hold” status when they are not actually on hold. To work around this, you’ll need to add a flow filter as follows: