Retrieve historical data with Klaviyo Toolkit

KlaviyoToolKit allows you to access subscription information since you activate the plugin. Start tracking your new subscriptions plan status by integrating the plugin and following instructions:

  • After setting up the custom profile properties you’ll be able to track all subscription plan statuses moving forward.
  • Please follow these steps to create the custom profile properties and start tracking your new subscription plan statuses.

You can track the existing customer data if the plugin and profile ID is active (since you activate the plugin and on). At this time, the KlaviyoToolKit does not allow you to get previous subscription information but using Klaviyo flows, profile properties, and our plugin, there is a way to get previous subscribers synced.

To simplify, it involves:

  • Creating a new custom profile property to track subscription status. For example, you could create a profile property as “plan-status” and the values would be one of “Active”, “Cancelled”, “On-Hold”, etc…
  • You would then create two new flows to update this profile property. One for when new subscriptions are created and one for when they renew (using our Klaviyo ToolKit plugin subscription events).
  • Exporting subscriptions from WooCommerce. You only need to export the email address and subscription status. 
  • Change the header column for the subscription status field in the export file to match the new custom profile property. (IE: “plan-status”)
  • Importing them into Klaviyo.

Read our complete guide on this here:

Tracking WooCommerce subscription status in Klaviyo with custom profile properties

It’s some work exporting and importing subscribers, but you only need to do this once in the end. Afterwards, the flows you create in the second step would keep everything in sync.