Final Steps... Providing Tribe Access

Just a few more things before we begin...

1. Enable the following site access

We'll need to get the proper access credentials before we begin:

1. Admin access to both your production & staging WordPress sites.
2. Access to your web host.
3. FTP access.
4. Access to your CDN provider, if any (ex: CloudFlare).
5. SSH credentials to your server.

Important: Please do not email us directly with passwords. Instead, create a new user in each of these sites using the following details:

username: madebytribe
email: ""

For other passwords, you can share them with us via a password manager such as 1password or Lastpass. If you're unsure about any of the above, let us know and we can discuss these on our kick-off call.

2. Schedule your kick-off call

Lastly, let's schedule a quick call to introduce ourselves.

Pick a Day & Time

When done, you can go to your account dashboard or close this tab

Need urgent help or have questions? Send an email to:

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