13 Scary Good Halloween Marketing Examples

Super scary (or funny) costume ready? Check. Plenty of candy on hand for trick-or-treaters? Check. Incredibly creative Halloween marketing ideas prepped for launch? No!? Don’t worry, perhaps you just need a little inspiration. The following 13 examples of creative, successful, or just frighteningly effective Halloween promotions, ad spots, and marketing campaign should do the trick…or treat.

1. REI – Zombie Survival Infographic


2. Tide – #ScaredStainless Vine Series


3. Chipotle – Booritos Promotion


4. Crest and Oral-B – Halloween Treats Gone Wrong

5. Oreo – The Oreo Laboratorium

6. Trulia – Housing Scare Report

trulia_scare report

7. Little Caesars – Forbidden Pizza

lil caesars

8. Ikea – The Shining

9. Kellogg’s – Rise Krispies Scares Vendor Prank

10. Booking.com – Haunted Hotels

11. Ford – Spooky Carwash Prank

12. Snickers – Grocery Store Lady

13. LUX Soap – Save Your Skin

LUX – Save your skin from Andreas Bruns on Vimeo.

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